Cognitell's education division helps your college or university overcome challenging data problems by applying advanced analytics and artificial intelligence to drive both short-term and long-term decision making.

We build data pipelines and predictive models using data from Student Information Systems (SIS) as well as Learning Management Systems (LMS) to assist in the prediction of student retention and future enrollment. Our processes free up the manual work Institutional Researchers are often burdened with, giving them time to focus on the other important aspects of their job.

Not only are we able to understand and work with the data that is critical with colleges and universities, we also understand the academic space itself. Our people bring firsthand knowledge of working in and for universities as well as research experience that is directly related to higher education.

Example Solution – Cognitell Student Retention


A critical success factor for any college or university today is student retention. The ability to predict which students are at risk for not persisting into the next semester is a crucial tool. Further institutions need the ability to prescribe the correct approach to mitigating that risk.

A number of software platforms designed for managing data for higher education have built-in predictive functions related to student success. A shortcoming of many of these offerings is they are based on limited datasets (just SIS or just LMS data) or they require large amounts of data to increase accuracy.

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At Cognitell, we have a suite of capabilities allowing us to build data integration pipelines that utilize all available data. This means we can combine your SIS and LMS data along with other relevant systems to build the most comprehensive and accurate predictive model possible. Our models consistently outperform the models built into existing systems, providing much better data intelligence.

Having a predicted probability of student persistence is only a partial solution. Our solutions allow us to combine the predictive output with additional data regarding student characteristics and behavior to create a prescriptive model. The output of this model is a series of recommended interventions tailored to the individual student.

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Cognitell’s Student Retention solution provides a number of benefits to colleges and universities:

• Solution tailored to your student body

• Utilizes existing data sources

• Increases predictive power by combining disparate sources of data

• Provides concrete action recommendations

The characteristics of a student body at a large east coast university are not the same as a small midwestern community college and vice versa. One-size-fits-all modeling is convenient but not as accurate as a model designed for your students. Our solution does not require purchasing large new infrastructure items or software systems, we build on your existing investment. Given the investment in your data estate, using the entire breadth of collected data extends the value you gain from those systems. At the end of the day, a number predicting probability of student success is not enough…there must be an action to help mitigate the risk. Our system uses your data to tailor these actions to your individual students.