What We Do

The mission of Cognitell is to help our customers tackle challenging data problems and build a transformative data culture to drive operational and strategic decision-making using the latest innovations from the field of artificial intelligence. We help you unlock intelligence from data to solve specific business problems.

Regardless of the level of data maturity, your organization is at, our team is ready to step in and provide the essential skills to bring you to the next level. Our expertise in data management, data engineering, data mining, and data science will help fill any gaps in your current data pipeline to ensure you are getting the most value from this precious resource.

Cognitell data science and analytics maturity model

One way we help your organization move forward is to help you better understand your organizational level of maturity with regard to data science and analytics. Most organizations do better in some areas than others which can make it difficult to understand their true capability level. Higher-order data skills such as advanced analytics and data science techniques depend on lower-order skills such as process automation and data governance. Some organizations move forward with analytics initiatives using industry-standard tools such as Tableau or PowerBI without addressing some of the less glamorous shortcomings. This keeps them from effectively moving to the next level of data mining and data science modeling.

Cognitell can help your organization wherever you are. The goal is to maintain all progress and develop a maturity plan to move forward. Whether you already know what you need or would like discovery help, our experts will help solve your problems.


Cognitell provides a variety of services to help fill gaps in your existing organization. We can provide temporary remediation services to bring your team up to a sustainable level or we can develop a longer-term engagement model. The decision is yours and will likely be driven by your desire to develop and enhance internal artificial intelligence competencies or to utilize our skills to help fulfill your organization’s mission.